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This blog is an excerpt from our input into The Marathon Marcus blog. Marcus and I have been working together for the last few months in preparation for his sub-3 hour performance in Berlin and we enjoy being able to share some of that journey.


As we move onto the downhill slope (figuratively!) with your training with only 6 weeks to go, we want to remember that each training day, each workout has been added to the plan for a reason. Therefore, we can use our mindset to reset before each workout – to keep building momentum as you get closer to your tapering period.

If we are hitting paces/distance, then be happy with this, build your fire – celebrate that daily achievement. No need to be a hero and go faster or further than your schedule. Keep banking the successful workouts and stay on track with your plan for the race day.

If you have a day where you don’t hit pace/distance, then reflect on why to find solutions, but as discussed before, find acceptance and reset before tomorrow’s workout. Treat each new day as its own, and move your focus to completing the next day’s training rather than focusing on the fact you didn’t complete todays. Keep banking overcoming this adversity and stay on track with your plan for the race day.

Begin to write down/ journal the experiences you have had throughout your training. The positive ones where you can draw energy from on the day. But also the tough times where you have felt frustrated, and overcome these moments whether in the moment or the next workout – you can draw much strength from these on the day. Writing things down enables you to recall them with less focus on the day when you need that boost.


Reflecting and resetting has been a part of my week.

In the reflection part it’s important to keep things in perspective (be kind to yourself) as I’ve had two workouts where I’ve just missed the paces. But there’s lots of positives to take from both runs and I’ll be working on making minor adjustments, such as diet and sleep.

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