Practice gratitude

This blog is an excerpt from our input into The Marathon Marcus blog. Marcus and I have been working together for the last few months in preparation for his sub-3 hour performance in Berlin and we enjoy being able to share some of that journey.


As you go through your training, recognise the physical and mental strength that you have built up through running in comparison to when you started. Be thankful for the ability to run, the opportunity to run, for your health, your family, your employment and everything else we can be thankful for in our lives that we often take for granted.

It’s so easy in the modern world to float through life and lose notice of all the great opportunities, people and moments in your day. At some point, your training will be over – you won’t get to go out and complete that workout. You may have been successful in achieving your race goal, or maybe you weren’t but you only get to live through this period of training for this event once.

As training goes well and occasionally not so well, ride the ups and downs by practicing gratitude and being thankful for working towards something. You won’t always have the time, or an injury may take you away from training, or a number of other curve balls that life could throw at you. So take a moment each workout to appreciate what you are doing, what you are building towards and how much you have achieved so far.

Marcus: This really resonated with me during the third quarter of my Sunday run. An unhealthy thought hit my mind about how difficult this was. I then refocused on the fly by remembering how far I’d come from running a 4:55 marathon, and despite how hard it was, the pain would be over soon. And ultimately I am grateful to be healthy and have the opportunity to run.

Whilst this seems like common sense, working with Duncan has really helped me pay attention to my thoughts. By monitoring unhealthy, neutral and effective thoughts, to work to win the ugly moments, whilst running. It’s not easy and is something I work at each run, but if you don’t address it in training, you can’t manage it come race day.

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