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Shut down your doubts and become a confident runner

Kindle Edition now LIVE on Amazon

Do you believe you can achieve what your coach and peers believe you can achieve?


Do you struggle to stay positive on long-runs? Or maybe anxious before your speed session?


Do you get extremely nervous the night before and morning of your race?



Marathon training traditionally focuses on only the physical aspect of your preparation. Stand out from the thousands of other runners by mastering your mindset using the simple skills and strategies explained in Marathon Mindset – Shut down your doubts and become a confident runner. 


When you’re training for a marathon or half-marathon, it’s easy to focus only on one aspect of the event. While your physical preparation is essential, your mindset can be the difference between achieving your time target or not on race day.


By working through Marathon Mindset, you will have all you need to prepare your mindset alongside the miles you log in your training plan.


Inside Marathon Mindset, you’ll discover:

- How to shut down your doubts

- How to build your confidence with successful moments

- How to tailor your race plan with refocusing and motivating cues

- How to plan and test your strategy for your race


Complete with case studies, real-life anecdotes and over 30 Action points for you to reflect on and work through as you engage your Marathon Mindset!


Whether this is your first marathon or twentieth, whether you’re aiming to achieve a target time or to complete the distance, this book is for you!


The expert information and coaching inside Marathon Mindset has been collated over 15 years working in coaching, sport science, and sport psychology.


Your decision to purchase today could mean the difference between crossing the line ecstatic and proud with achieving your target time, rather than being frustrated and upset at being just a few seconds beyond..

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