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Delivery, Guarantee and Refunds




Digital EBooks

If you are purchasing one of our EBooks, the download link will be available instantly on the purchase confirmation page and to the email address you provided at checkout after payment has been completed with instructions.


Your shipping address may be required during the checkout process purely for security reasons and to protect you.


There is no shipping fee or physical shipping required for digital products. All orders are fulfilled by email instantly. 


Guarantee & Refunds

Once you have purchased an Ebook, you have 30 days in which to use the link sent to you to download the product. 

As is customary with purchases of Ebooks, refunds are only given based in special circumstances and at the discretion of DSF Coaching Ltd. Please email if you wish to discuss a refund. 

DSF Coaching Ltd reserves the right to change the products and the prices of products at any time, without notice. When you agree to purchase a product(s), you agree to the price as is and to these policies. There will be no refunds should the price change to a lower price than the customer originally paid. 

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