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1-on-1 Coaching

  • Increase self-awareness and

  • Build effective habits

  • Perform more consistently in your role

  • Stress/Anxiety management

  • Increase confidence

  • Emotional control

  • Create the vision for growth in your career with actionable steps

Content Sharing

  • Keeping you and your team up to date with the latest practices from the world of performance mindset

  • Easily incorporated into your periodic newsletters, regular team meetings and internal communication strategy

  • Educate and inspire your team to greater more consistent performance with easy to apply skills

Team Workshops

  • Working with you ahead of time, we agree objectives and build the perfect itinerary for you - from one-hour to full-day workshops. ​

  • We present core principles from performance psychology, facilitate in-depth discussions with your teams, and capture & facilitate next actions to see ideas taken forwards.​


Team Coaching

  • Build/evolve the team culture

  • Explore team norms and standards

  • Create and feel the team identity

  • Improve communication styles

  • Understand personality types

  • Emotional control

  • Create the vision for your team goals

  • Building effective habits

  • Perform under ‘pressure'

Coach Development

  • Understand how to better serve your athletes

  • Improve your communication and teaching/delivery styles

  • Understand different personality type

  • Emotional control

  • Perform under 'pressure'

  • Explore leadership skills

  • Create the vision for your career goals

Having had the opportunity to work with Duncan on a professional level I cannot speak highly enough for the work he has done with our program.  His work with the team, coaching staff and individuals was professional, specific and tailored meticulously. He has the ability to read individual situations and build a plan to positively influence the individual or the group. 

He mentored coaches, players and challenged the team to be mentally focused in all aspects of their game along with being a part of a group.  His classroom sessions brought the team together and gave them a clearer sense of purpose whilst individual sessions with players focused on specific mental coaching to bring out the best.

I believe Duncan is way ahead in a field that will become the next big focus for top teams/organizations and he is extremely skilled with his knowledge, experience and delivery.

Stephen Lyons

Head Coach at Carson-Newman University Men's Soccer

Harrison Cliff

Footballer at Basingstoke Town FC

Working with Duncan has had a huge impact on my football and me as a person. I had challenges with my confidence in my footballing ability and realised that it was negatively impacting my performances. Duncan taught me how to look at performances differently to allow me to grow more confident from previous performances.


With the addition of techniques to forget about mistakes, I’ve managed to significantly improve how well I play, even when things aren’t going my way. As a person, it’s changed the way I think about things like school work, personal challenges and other general things.

Working with Duncan helped me to improve as a player and a person. Duncan was able to change my perspective of the situation I was in at the time which benefitted me on and off the pitch. On the pitch Duncan gave me techniques on how to deal with mistakes and 'failure' whilst playing, as sometimes I would struggle to let go of a mistake made during a game.


Duncan also expressed the importance of body language and the way I can be conducting myself on the pitch. We worked together on a positive arrogance through body language as this is what I would like to achieve. Coaches and scouts are looking for this type of confidence and leadership characteristics before looking at a players technical ability, Duncan has helped me to improve this psychological part of my game.


The most important thing I learnt when working with Duncan is that I will not have the perfect game every time I play but if I try and do the best with what I have then I am closer to being better every day.


Footballer at Bracknell Town FC

Micah Varner

Delaware State Women's Soccer Goalkeeper Coach

Whenever I talk about my success to others, I always articulate the importance of having a mentor. I am lucky enough to have a mentor that not only knows the game of football but also has a strong background in mental performance. As a young coach who is highly motivated to stay up to date with current trends and continue to push barriers to grow the sport, I rely on regular communication with Duncan.


Over the years, he has enlightened me to the power of the mind and just how important it is in the development of players. Many of our discussion have been about trigger words, building confidence, and how to develop the intrinsic motivation, and I apply these not only with my players but in my own life.


It has made a world of difference in how I connect with my players and the end-product I am able to get out of them on the field and in the classroom. Our players are active learners and take the information I borrow from Duncan to take the knowledge they have learned and execute it in games.


I firmly stand behind Duncan’s ability and methods because I have seen just how effective they can be from the youth level all the way up to highest level of soccer in America. 

Being an American player who wasn’t drafted after college, and whose hopes were battered after a European trial fell through, being invited on trial at the nearest professional club seemed to be my last chance to make it. I remember the pressure I felt going into that and the sleep I lost in the days leading up to it.​


I was fit, and had done all the physical training possible, but mentally I needed something more. Duncan’s mindset coaching helped guide me through visualization, journaling it all down, and reframing my perspective on the things that were causing anxiety and unnecessary stress. Long story short, I signed my first professional contract with Charleston Battery following that trial. ​

Duncan’s mindset coaching has enabled me to grow in my now 2nd season in the professional game and the best soccer I have ever played in my career. Duncan's coaching has had, and will continue to have a major role in making that possible for me.


Former Professional Soccer Player at Charleston Battery 

Duncan has delivered keynotes and presentations to a range of audiences at GoPerform this year. These have included a Sports Medicine Conference, an evening for sport & business leaders and a seminar for school athletes.


Duncan is an engaging speaker who expertly connects with his audience through a mixture of anecdotes, activity and theory made simple.


We recommend him to any sports, business or school team looking to improve their engagement and performance.​

Dan Buchanan

Director at GoPerform