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Duncan Foster

I live for the energy of preparation and competition.

I love the relentless pursuit of better. 

I love my role as a coach - consistently driving you to be confident, to be strongly assured in how you will perform. 

Ultimately for you to achieve more and to succeed. 

I am fiercely loyal and intensely invested in your development. 

The most important factor in my role in your success is the relationship and trust that we build together. 

I have worked with some exceptional people over the years. Each experience has taught me so many different techniques and approaches to elite performance.

Outside of coaching, I look for different training and events to challenge myself physically and mentally. 

I have a phenomenal close support network who I adore spending quality time with.

I played football to a decent level in the USA, playing for the #2 ranked team in the country in college soccer. 

I've now moved on from football and into a variety of events as I strive to see what my body and mind are made of.