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Duncan is a Performance coach working with athletes preparing to perform at international and national competitions, focusing on mindset, mental skills and sport science to optimise performance.

World-class athletes can feel pressure to perform.

They can feel nervous before competition.

They can have days where they don't want to train.

They can have 'bad' days or moments, and make mistakes.

They question their worth in team selection.

What makes them world-class, is the skills and techniques that they use in response to these moments.

Athlete's of all competitive levels share similar experiences, from international level through to club level.

At DSF Coaching, we lead athletes of all levels all over the world to power their mindset in competition and in training.

Founder, Duncan Foster combines formal training and 15 years proven impact in Coaching, Sport Psychology and Sport Science.



Performance coaching for the relentless pursuit of better.

Learn the skills and techniques that give world-class athletes the power and control in moments of huge stress.

Examples of common skills discussed include:

Performing under ‘pressure'

Managing pre-competition nerves

Increasing confidence

Controlling emotions in competition

Using visualisation in training


Powering your mind to work for you, rather than against you!

1-on-1 Coaching

Bespoke support for Olympic, World and International Level athletes

From 1x or 2x monthly to consistent support team involvement

Limited to 10 per annum

1-on-1 Coaching

Working with athletes from National, Regional and Club level

1x or 2x monthly (minimum 3 months)

Limited to 15 per annum

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Team GB Athletics

England Athletics

Scotland Athletics

Wales Athletics

Team GB Gymnastics

England Gymnastics

Team GB Swimming

Team GB Diving

Team GB Synchronised Swimming

Team GB Rowing

Canada Rugby

Toronto Arrows

Scottish Gymnastics

England Futures Hockey

Bracknell Swimming Club

South Essex Gymnastic Club

Tri20 Triathlon

PGA Golf

Toronto Arrows

Southampton FC

Reading FC

Fulham FC

Wycombe Wanderers FC

Basingstoke Town FC

Reading City FC

Dragons Rugby

Reading University Boat Club

All shared with permission, some clients remain confidential

List includes individual athletes associated with these organisations as well as team/club/organisational relationships

List doesn't include individual athletes unattached to organisations

The University of Tennesse Athletics

University of South Carolina Athletics

Carson-Newman Athletics

Myrtle Beach Mutiny FC 

Knoxville Force FC

Knoxville Crush FC

Go Perform Athletes

Academy 23

Tom Nutter Soccer Scholarships


MS Kinesiology - Sport Psychology & Motor Behavior

The University of Tennessee


Carson-Newman University

BSc Sport Science

Brunel University London

Affiliations/ Professional Memberships

Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)

Duncan is supervised by Dr. Terilyn Shigeno at Adler University as he completes his CMPC Certification.

The British Psychological Society (BPS)

National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)

The FA

United Soccer Coaches


Duncan Foster

I live for the energy of preparation and competition.

I love the relentless pursuit of better. 

I love my role as a coach - consistently driving you to be confident and assured in how you will perform. 

I am fiercely loyal and intensely invested in your development and for you to achieve more and to succeed. 

Outside of coaching, I look for different training and events to challenge myself physically and mentally. 

I have a phenomenal close support network who I adore spending quality time with.

I played football to a decent level in the USA, playing for the #2 ranked team in the country in college soccer. 

I've now moved on from football and into a variety of events as I strive to see what my body and mind are made of.