Unleash the Power of your Performance Mindset


World-class athletes can feel pressure to perform.

They can feel nervous before competition.

They can have days where they don't want to train.

They can have 'bad' days or moments, and make mistakes.

They question their worth in team selection.

What makes them world-class, is the skills and techniques that they use in response to these moments.

Athlete's of all competitive levels share similar experiences,

from international level through to club level.

At DSF Coaching, we lead athletes of all levels all over the world

to power their mindset in competition and in training:

for the moments of glory, and

for the inevitable moments of hardship on your athletic journey.

Founder, Duncan Foster combines formal training and 15 years proven impact in

Coaching, Sport Psychology and Sport Science.



Bespoke support for Olympic, World and International Level athletes

From 1x or 2x monthly to consistent support team involvement


Limited to 5 per season



Working with athletes from National, Regional and Club level

1x or 2x monthly

minimum 3 months


Limited to 15 per annum


Marathon Coaching

A 4 month build up to your race with 1 reflection session post-race

(5 sessions total)

Built to help you achieve the PB/PR or experience that you are targeting


Limited to 5 per race


Powerful, bespoke delivery combining the theory, real-life experiences, case studies and entertaining anecdotes from recent events and research. 



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